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Announced: Professional Shortlist 2020

Image credits: Wuhan Memory, The Juggler, Wait, Imagination

After over 200 entries, we are delighted to announce the films in the professional category that made it to the shortlist and will be screening in Edinburgh, Scotland this October.

1. Barney Lee: My Long Walk Around Britain (For HNPP)

Director: Matt Colin Evans Location: UK

A recently diagnosed 19-year-old man embarks on a journey around the entire coastline of mainland Great Britain, to raise funds and awareness for the relatively unknown disorder, HNPP.

Directed by Matt Colin Evans, who gained a degree in English and Creative Writing at Cardiff Metropolitan, the film has racked up 16 awards and nominations.

About the director: Whilst studying at university, Evans has written & directed for stage in Cardiff & London, worked on several BBC short films as a script supervisor and is currently working as a camera assistant for a S4C factual production whilst also working freelance in creating corporate/product videos.

2. Butterfly

Director: Jamaal Richards Location: UK

A real-life horror story about a mother and daughter's horrific experience with a malevolent creature. What is life like for a woman and child who have to endure hell on a day to day basis and how does one capture the essence of this in a short film? Butterfly attempts to allow the viewer to get a glimpse of life in hell but offers hope for other victims. The overall message is, you can walk away. Shot on a Black Magic Cinema camera, my DOP chose to shoot underexposed and the strong presence of red in many of the shots represents the many dangers faced by women like Amelia Johnson. The aim of this film is to highlight the rise in domestic violence, especially since the Corona Virus Lockdown in 2020.

About the director: Jamaal Richards is a former tv presenter and has worked on independent television for more than 10 years. He started his video production company, Nightscape Productions back in 2011. His company produces Narrative and commercial videos and his videos have helped companies and charities to raise over £10m over the last 3 years.


Director: Gabriele Canu Location: Italy

2020, a big part of the world is in panic with the COVID-19 virus. Humans are scared, because the virus spreads so fast. Many countries are under strict lockdown.

Salt & Pepper, in a little Italian house, are living in their world made of spoons, knives, oil, spices, and don't care at all about this situation. Until they read on their kitchen newspaper the scientific discovery that the virus remains also on surfaces for several hours...

About the director: A former IT technician who changed his life to try to give voice to the world that has enchanted him since his youth, a world made of mountains, nature, and climbing.

Filmmaker and alpinist, he has completed over 700 mountain climbs all over the Alps, including around fifty first ascents.

4. Imagination

Director: Elliot Burns Location: UK

5. I've Been Afraid

Director: Cecelia Condit Location: USA

"I've Been Afraid" is a blend of songs and stories of women who have been threatened.

About the director: Condit has received awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, American Film Institute, National Endowment for the Arts, Mary L. Nohl Foundation, and the Wisconsin Arts Council. Her work has shown internationally in festivals, museums, and alternative spaces and is represented in collections including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Centre Georges Pompidou Musee National d' Art Moderne, Paris, France, and the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, among others.

6. Lockdown

Director: Paul London, Tracey Moberly Location: USA

The film Lockdown was conceived as a way to embrace the globally enforced home confinement during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Public Health Emergency of 2020. Filmmakers Paul London and Tracey Moberly invited friends and family to contribute to the film project using mobile devices only. Thirty six contributors globally submitted their visions of the safety enforced lockdown and confinement to the boundaries of their gardens and homes.

About the directors: Paul London and Tracey Moberly first began their collaborative work in 1984. They were studying their first degrees as Fine Art students at University of Wales, Newport, UK where they worked on a series of short films titled “Bert & Lil”. They continued to collaborate in different mediums at different points in their careers including Isea98 (Manchester/Liverpool UK) which Tracey in a curatorial role was co-ordinating in her lectureship position at Manchester Metropolitan University and Paul collaborating and contributing as news cameraman at Capitol Hill, Washington DC. They have recently formed a new collaborative independent film production company KIK Films based in London and Washington DC. Their most recent short film “Irradiate” opened March 2019 in Oaxaca, Mexico – this will also be part of Empire II in the 2019 Venice Biennale. They are currently working on a series of collaborative shorts and in the planning stages of several full length documentaries.

7. Parrot

Director: Alexander Wilks Location: UK

"Parrot" was a film conceived and created during the Coronavirus lockdown period in the UK. Made in three weeks in April, the film was made over a call on Facebook and set to domestic shots taken from the apartment the director was staying in. The film was inspired by the melancholy that isolation generates and aims to explore the need for reassurance that that people find themselves confronted with when separated from the ones they love.

About the director: Alex Wilks studied English Literature at the University of Warwick before attending the European Film College in Denmark, graduating in 2017. Since then he has been involved in a number of different productions including political documentaries and music videos. "Parrot" is his third short film and first since graduating.

8. Positive

Director: Ester Gatta Location: Italy

A film dedicated to the “masked heroes without the cape”, beyond time and space. To the doctors and nurses who sacrificed their lives to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The story of a doctor (Ester Gatta) and a patient (Fabrizio Nevola) who met each other in a hospital ward and became friends. They are divided by the restrictive measures but united in the idea of a positive future to built together.

About the director: Since she was a child, she has had a great passion for the world of entertainment. Graduating from the acting academy of the master Alfonso Guadagni, she immediately played different roles ranging with ease from the "brilliant" to the "dramatic" genre in successful theatrical performances. In March 2019 Ester Gatta is back on set as co-star of the short film "Fame" by director Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, winning the precious recognition "Premio Campania Cinema, given to her during a Special Event on the occasion of the 76 edition of the Venice Film Festival.

9. The Juggler

Director: Luri Moreno Location: Brazil

First came the research, followed by the interviews, which from the beginning were already planned to enter only the sound layer of the film. After emerging in the world of jugglers, I created a script for the animation, with the purpose of telling in a playful way the story of a day in the life of a street juggler. I have been fascinated by the circus since I was a child and I love it especially when I see its colours invade a medium that is not ready to receive them, but still receives them. The city closes in a constant gray, and art, accompanied by love, brings relief and lightness to an insistently oppressive environment.

About the director: Luri Moreno is director of the audiovisual company Caolha Films, in which he wrote and directed the short film “Lápis sem Cor”, selected and awarded in several festivals throughout the country. He is currently working on the creation of animation scripts, most of them for children’s and youth audience. He holds a degree in photography from Cambury College, specialist in Cinema and Audiovisual by UEG and has undergone several short courses that complement its training, such as the Executive Production course promoted by the EICTV in Cuba.

10. Wait

Director: Pengcheng Li Location: China

11. Wuhan Memory

Director: Jean-François Even Location: France

October 2015, a French film student at the University of Wuhan in China recounts his memories of a day of location shooting made for the production of his first short film.

Stay tuned for our amateur short list coming tomorrow!

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