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Announced: Amateur Shortlist 2020

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Credits: The Killing of Time, The Quiet, Eaglefriek, Frigid

Over 220 submissions came in and we are really excited to present the amateur entries shortlist 2020! We believe this category is the most important as it allows anyone to take part in film festivals regardless of your background and abilities. Lets crack on with the shortlist...

1. Adventure Brothers

Directors: Paul & James Longley Location: UK

Two brothers forced to spend time together in isolation find themselves on a remarkable adventure."Adventure Brothers" was created and filmed by Paul & James during the UK Lockdown and made with absolutely no budget whatsoever.

About the directors: Paul & James Longley are brothers who work to create fresh and original comedy content. Paul is a Comedy Writer & Actor who has worked professionally in the industry since 2012. James works in the television industry as an Assistant Producer and has worked on many of the UK's flagship shows.

2. All In A Days Work

Director: Jay Gilmour Location: UK

A day in the life of a hard working young farmer, from sunrise to sunset, following him through the trials of the day.

About the director: Jay Gilmour is a freelance photographer from Cumbria, with a degree in design and photography. He specialises in both landscape and wildlife photography and is passionate about capturing images of the everyday world to share.

3. Are You There?

Director: Bara Palcik Location: Ireland

The seven short video and audio pieces I call Are you there? in some ways echo the structure of The Book of Genesis, Seven Days of Creation, only in my video, the seven days seem re-ordered, they float in and out of view in the strange, formless way that time has felt since we began our self-isolation. In the similar way of Day One in the book and its creation of Light, my video starts with joy and laughter, born in that time of innocence when there was no fear of the virus, but after that, it seems the days pass almost in reverse of the Seven Days of Creation. The days in my video drift from lightness into darkness.

About the director: Bara Palcik is a visual artist working in live performance, film, painting, photography, and sculpture.

4. Are You Still Scared?

Director: Grace Conley Location: USA

A mixed media portrayal of how fears change as you grow up.

5. Closed Until Further Notice

Director: Jason Gregg Location: UK

A family brought together by a video call during the Covid 19 pandemic. A tale of conspiracy theories, love and turmeric. Created remotely from home on a zero budget during the Covid 19 lockdown.

About the director: Jason Gregg has a background in acting including the roles of reoccurring characters Eli Clemmow in BBC Poldark and Gary (Gary N Simon) in BBC Gavin and Stacey . He has been making self funded and zero budget projects since 2008, 2020 has presented itself as a challenge for film makers and he has embraced the situation and attempted to write and direct something current, reflecting, and in a sense it has been good therapy for Gregg during this worrying and uncertain time.

6. Derek and his Brick

Director: Lee White Location: UK

A twisted fairy tale with a hint of Edgar Allan Poe and a dash of Edward Gorey featuring the vocal talents of Claire Foy as the narrator. Made during the lockdown of 2020. From the corners of a small room, comes the story of Derek and his Brick. Derek is Isolated and torn between the love of his pigeon and a beautiful damsel. What is a hermit bachelor to do?

About the director: This is Lee Whites first short film. As a playwright his work has been seen worldwide and in theatres across London including The Donmar Warehouse, Lyric Hammersmith and Theatre 503 to name a few. He is a trained actor and practising physical clown performer.

7. Eaglefriek

Director: Louis Martin Location: UK

8. Frigid

Director: Oliver Ward Location: UK

9. Good Morning Mr. Kenley

Director: Steven Lancefield Location: UK

A bittersweet drama about the eccentric Mr. Kenley, who visits the same seaside hotel every Christmas without fail.

About the director: Steven has written and directed several award winning short films, including "Bohemian Spirit" (Outstanding Screen Story and Audience Favourite at the 2016 Zed Fest Film Festival in North Hollywood. His theatre plays have been performed across the UK and abroad.

10. Life in Lockdown

Director: Jasmin Horton Location: UK

This is a comedy short film which is written, acted and produced by Jake aged 8, Jasmin aged 16 and Lucas aged 10. We want to show that even though we live 250 miles away we can still work together and speak with each other through the power of face time.

11. Lockdown

Director: Laurie Corewyn Location: Scotland

In an effort to stay connected to and hopefully lift the spirits of my friends and family, I decided to make a short documentary revolving around them and their lives at the moment. My short documentary, ‘Lockdown’ is a comedic insight into their feelings about being stuck inside. Through illustrations we learn their answers to varying questions, from how they would cope in an apocalypse to what their memoir would be titled.

About the director: My name is Laurie Corewyn and I’m currently studying film at university. I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking and art, more recently discovering a love for documentary filmmaking. I wanted to incorporate all of these aspects in the making of my short film.

12. Melchior Strasse

Director: Pete Mason Location: UK

The back streets of WeimarBerlin, madness is afoot...

About the director: Mason is an amateur film maker with a background in engineering. He has a Degree in Materials Engineering and a Masters in Systems Engineering. Mason has been making animated films seriously in his spare time since about 2013.

13. Neptune Social Club

Director: Craig Redshift Location: Scotland

The film is a meditation on the absurdity of our existence in an uncaring universe. The film deals with the search for meaning through various means and methods; religion, technology, art.

About the director: Recent graduate BA (Hons) Photography, published photographer with a number of group and solo exhibitions.

14. Pyramis

Director: Liam Taylor Location: UK

15. The Killing of Time

Director: Neil Murphy Location: Spain

Shot during the COVID-19 confinement in Spain, a reflection on the situation from a philosophical viewpoint. Sharing my own thoughts about the pandemic's outcomes, transforming into a more self-aware humanitarian meditation.

About the director: Neil Murphy Miguel was born on December 16, 1997 in Barcelona. With a father of English origin and a mother of Catalan origin, he has lived in Sant Pere de Ribes, a small town near Sitges, since he was born. There, he developed a fascination for cinema that would begin at age 14, after having explored several film works by the most notable directors. He began to formally study cinema in 2015, when he was only 17 years old, starting a Diploma in Cinematography at ECIB. There he began his first works of fiction as part of the course, which include short films such as “Alma” (2016) or “La Meta del Surviviente” (2017).

16. The Quiet

Director: Radheya Jegatheva Location: Australia

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.

The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

About the director: Radheya is a Perth based Australian filmmaker born in Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean, Japanese and Malaysian ancestry. He is a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts student at Curtin University in Western Australia.

17. Velare

Director: Kayla Sun Location: USA

Velare is a special girl: she is invisible to the people who love her. As she starts a new relationship, she is afraid that the boy will fall in love and thus lose sight of her. She decides to do everything she can to delay his love, but the inevitable happens. Velare wants to continue the relationship with hope, but what awaits her ahead?

About the director: Kayla Sun is one of the recipients of 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Production Grant, and is currently a student at University of Southern California in film and television production. She wrote and directed narrative “Shop”(2017) which screened at several festivals internationally, experimental film “Awake”(2017) which exhibited at MUST’s Todd Art Gallery, and “Hail The Goer”(2015) at Vanderbilt Art Center.

18. Workshop

Director: Joseph Archer Location: UK

Four young men fighting different mental health conditions reveal their greatest fears and challenges as they play drama games during a therapy workshop. Zero-budget charity comedy-drama short film. Made in partnership with London-based charity Thrive LDN.It was filmed with zero-budget in one day at the National Youth Theatre in September 2019.

About the director: Joseph is an award-winning director and producer of drama and comedy films.

Some of them are even alright. As a science student at The University of Nottingham, Joseph did everything he could to not do his boring degree, so he made a feature film called House Party Raiders (2017), a ninety-minute action-comedy.

This brings to a close our 2020 shortlists, stay tuned for our Audience Awards details and how you can get involved in voting for your favourite film!

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