Title: Perturbation 

Dir: Fabrice Garcia-Carpintero

"They surround us, and too often go unnoticed ... How many times do we cross their territory without taking the time to contemplate their discreet beauty? Perfectly suited. They exist, as we exist. Are exposed to the weather, to the vagaries of nature, but continue their little way, by dealing with the devastating beings that we are, both so strong and so fragile. We imposed ourselves, at a frantic pace, believing ourselves invincible. While an undeniable sweetness characterizes them, masking their urgency to survive. A little change of scenery at your doorstep, accessible to everyone, the time for a look, once so furtive, but which today becomes necessary, despite us. Their freedom suddenly becomes enviable ... This musical "document" emerges from it, shot over a few square meters of a city garden, too long observed from afar. "Disturbance" as they have known others; us, less. Will the simple transient disturbance that we live have a real influence on what we will be, think after? Will all of this remain just an unfortunate episode from our memories, or will we consider this unexpected downpour as a message, the full extent of which must be grasped? "

A film created between March 23 and 27, 2020. On a music of "hacecah".

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